Why the HAR Mark is important

Considering the stringent rules governing the issuing of HAR licences and the continuous surveillance programme, the HAR Scheme provides the manufacturer and the end user with the best possible assurance regarding the quality and compliance of the certified cables and cords.

Because of the high quality level of the HAR system and its reputation based on almost 40 years of experience, HAR marked cables and cords enjoy total confidence with European users. The HAR Mark is one of the best tools for supporting manufacturers' access to the European market.



Selection and use of cables


Specifiers, installers and users of cable engaged in the selection and use of cables are encouraged to refer to the following for guidance and advice:

  • Local (national) electrical installation inspection / regulation organisations;
  • National electrical installation regulations, codes and standards;
  • Manufacturers’ data sheets;
  • Guide to use of cables; standards EN 50565-1 and EN 50565-2;
  • Cable product standards.

The HAR group is not able to provide specific advice on the selection and use of cables.